Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do in order to be medically cleared for athletics at Johnson State College?

Each athlete that will be trying out and participating on one of the JSC varsity athletic teams must complete and submit the JSC Health Forms, have a physical exam with a physician or at the JSC Health Center, complete the pre-participation orthopedic screening with the JSC Athletic Training Staff, and complete the concussion baseline testing.

Where can I find the JSC Health Forms?

Click HERE to find the link for the JSC health forms. 

I had a physical completed for the college and sent to the Health Center.  Do I have to get a separate physical?

No, but you must notify the Athletic Training Staff in advance so they can check with the health center.  We also recommend that if you have a copy of your physical that you submit that to the Athletic Training staff via mail, email, or fax.  A copy of your physical must be in the possession of the Athletic Training Dept. prior to your medical eligibility.

I participate in multiple sports.  Do I have to get multiple physicals?

Complete of all of the medical paperwork covers the student-athlete for the entire academic/athletic year.  The student-athlete is not required to redo the paperwork in order to play multiple sports.

I am a returning athlete.  Do I have to get another physical?

At this time, the JSC athletics department requires a sports physical only for first time athletes at Johnson State.  This includes transfer athlete regardless if you had a sports physical at your previous institution.  However, all athletes must complete the medical paperwork packet each year.

Where can I get a physical?

It is recommended that you schedule a physical with your Primary Care Physician.  You can also schedule at physical at the JSC Health Center by calling (802)635-1265.

Are Johnson State College athletes administered preseason concussion testing?

Yes, as part of their pre-participation exam, each varsity athlete that participates in a contact sport will be administered the ImPact baseline concussion test and the SCAT2 test.  The scores from these tests are saved in the event the athlete sustains a head injury during practice or competition.

My physician told me that I am not at risk for sickle cell trait or sickle cell anemia and I do not need to be tested.  What do I do?

Johnson State College and the NCAA recommend that all student-athletes be tested for sickle cell trait regardless of risk factors, however, any student-athlete may elect to opt out of testing and sign a waiver stating that they will release Johnson State College and the NCAA from liability in the event of sickle cell related physical distress and deaths.

Do I have to have health insurance to play varsity sports at Johnson State College?         

Yes, all student-athletes are required to be covered by a health insurance to attended Johnson State College and to participation in intercollegiate athletics.  Student-athletes may be covered under the policy of their parent or guardian.

If I do not have health insurance, how can I obtain it?

Students can purchase a health insurance policy sponsored by VSC, administered by Consolidated Health Plans and underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company.  All students are automatically signed up for this policy and if they wish to opt out, they must submit the correct paperwork to the JSC Business Office.

I have been injured playing sports at Johnson State College.  Who is responsible for my medical bills?

All student-athletes are responsible for any and all medical bills that are incurred due to injury while participating in intercollegiate athletics.

I am ill and/or injured?  How can I be seen by an athletic training staff member?  How can I be seen by a physician?

The Johnson State Athletic Trainers are at or in close proximity for every contact sport practice and for all home athletic competitions and will attended to any injury that occurs.    Athletes can also report to the Athletic Training Room, found in the Multi-Purpose hallway in SHAPE, during office hours for evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation for injuries.  The Athletic Training Staff can make referrals to our team orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Brian Aros of Mansfield Orthopaedics in Morrisville and to our neurologist, Dr. Jean-Marie Prunty.  Athletes are encouraged to report to the JSC Health Center for all illnesses.

Does the athletic training staff treat club sport and intramural injuries?

The Athletic Training staff will not evaluate or treat any injury for any non-varsity athlete, including club sport athletes and intramural athletes.  The JSC Athletic Training Dept. and the Athletics Dept. cannot accept the liability associated with evaluating and treating injuries for athlete, who have not completed all necessary physical exams, completed a medical paperwork, completed all types of baseline concussion testing, and are compliant with the NCAA rules and regulations.  The Athlete Training staff may consult and offer recommendations to any student-athlete that comes to the Athletic Training room during office hours provided consultations do not interfere with the treatment schedules of varsity athletes.