Johnson provides students with many opportunites to compete. We offer team sports, individual sports, and E-sports. Intramural activities provides students who cannot meet the varsity teams commitment to still have fun and play sports. It also allows for students to earn work-study.

Intramurals Activities, Rules and Regulations

Sportsmanship Policy

Alochol & Drug Polocy 


Spring Sports 

Monday 5-8pm (January 15th, April 30th) Learn to Rock Climb - No Registration Needed

Tuesday 7-8pm (January 16th, May 1st) Dodgeball - Rules - Standings - Registration

Wednesday (January 17th, May 2nd) E-Games - Registration

Friday 8-9pm (January 26th, May 4th) Basketball - Rules - Standings - Registration

 Sunday 8-10pm (January 28th, February 25th) Soccer - No Registration Needed 


Winter Sports 

Monday 5-8pm (October 30th, December 11th) Learn to Rock Climb - No Registration Needed

Tuesday 5-7pm (October 31st, December 12th) Volleyball -  Registration

Wednesday 8-10pm (November 1st, December 13th) 4v4 Soccer - Registration 

Thursday 8-10pm (November 2nd, December 14th) Ultimate Frisbee - Registration

Friday 6-8pm (October 31st, December 12th) Dodgeball - Registration

Winter Tournament 

Sunday 1:30-3pm (November 12th ) Turkey Bowl Flag Football - Registration


Fall Sports 

Monday & Wednesday 6-8pm (September 4th, October 4th) Basketball - Rules - Standings - Registration

Tuesday & Thursday 6-8pm (Septmber 5th, October 5th) Floor Hockey - Rules - Standings - Registration

Friday (September 6th, October 6th) Dodgeball - Rules - Standings - Registration

Sunday ( Septmber 8th, Ocotber 1st) Flag Football - Rules - Standings - Registration