You Can Play: The NAC Promotes Respect for All

Nov 19, 2014

Supporting the You Can Play Mission of “ensuring equality, respect and safety for all athletes, without regard to sexual orientation,” the NAC embarked upon a video project capturing the voices of student-athletes, administrators and coaches, to share a commitment of inclusion for and support of, all members of the conference community. In order to maintain the student ownership and authenticity, the NAC tapped into resources from one of the member campuses to capture the voices of the student-athletes. Several seniors at the New England School of Communications of Husson University traveled over 1,500 miles to sit down with NAC Student-Athletes & Athletics Staff. The result of this hard work is a three minute conference-wide video, which premieres as the first portion of this two part program. The three minute piece took the students 10 weeks of writing, filming, interviewing, and editing to effectively capture the You Can Play mission.